About Abbeyfield Wales Society

Find out more about the Abbeyfield Wales Society and our retirement homes in Wales.

About the Abbeyfield Wales Society

The Abbeyfield Wales Society is a registered exempt charity dedicated to supporting the older people during their senior years.

We provide sheltered accommodation for people over the age of 55 who are perhaps looking for some personal support and companionship. Our services and facilities allow residents to live comfortably with dignity, friendship and security through a tailored balance of support and independence.

Abbeyfield is upheld by a network of experienced staff, volunteers and professionals who share a collective desire to help and support the elderly and who ensure each resident enjoys a purposeful and fulfilling Abbeyfield life. The fundamental principles of Abbeyfield’s homes are well-being, support and care, lifestyle, and relaxing places to live. Our comprehensive support structure aims to cater for the diverse social, emotional and physical needs of our residents whilst providing a safe and secure environment.

Abbeyfield is a not-for-profit organisation and therefore reinvests any surplus into the value of our organisation. We endeavour to provide affordable living without compromise to quality or service; resident’s charges simply cover their cost of living and respective staff. Fees can be met by a combination of private resources and eligibility assessed government finance.


At Abbeyfield Wales Society, we have heritage at our heart

Abbeyfield has been alleviating loneliness for more than 60 years


The first Abbeyfield home opens in Bermondsey.


The Abbeyfield Society is formally set up with the purchase of two more houses.


Prince Charles become a Patron of The Abbeyfield Society.


The Abbeyfield Wales Society Ltd was formed following the merger of Abbeyfield Societies in South East Wales and expanded to include 15 supported sheltered housing schemes throughout Wales extending from Swansea to Bangor in the North.


Abbeyfield Wales is still providing high quality homes for all of our residents.


On 1 March 2022, Abbeyfield Wales became part of the Linc Cymru community.